About Me:

   Do you really want to find out more about me?  Haven't you got something better to do?!?

   When I was very little, my mother would dress me up in funny-looking outfits.  I have to think it was because she was German.  'Course, I've never seen pictures of little German kids in such odd outfits, so maybe she was just weird, God bless her soul.  Anyway, I've mostly recovered from that early trauma.


   I grew up in and around Boston, and lived for a while in Vermont and Maine, before our family settled down in Milton, Massachusetts.

- 1991

   As a small child, I loved toy trains, and wanted to be an engineer.  After six years of schooling at Tufts and Purdue Universities, I discovered that there is a BIG difference between railroad engineers and other engineers.  Ah well.

   I've found that mechanical engineering is fun in it's own right  - Hey, stop laughing.  No I'm NOT delusional!  I'm serious!  I get to build things and then break them.  This is good stuff!

   For the past few years I have been working for Puritan Bennett in Indianapolis, where we designed and manufactured medical devices to store liquid oxygen and deliver breathable oxygen to respiratory-impaired patients.  Our award-winning HELiOS unit was so popular that we more than tripled the projected unit sales in the first year, and won a Medical Design Excellence Award in the process.

   I particularly liked that I got to be involved in the product development process from start to finish, including everything from collecting user feedback, developing product specifications, industrial design, systems and component design and integration, coordination of design across three sites, and hand-off to manufacturing.

   The company also was kind enough to indulge one of my passions, travel.  I had the good fortune to see cool sites from New Hampshire to Oregon while also taking care of business...  You can see some of the results of these travels in my photo galleries.

   After a corporate consolidation, I packed up my things and moved back east to Boston.  If you know of a mechanical engineering design opportunity, I may be able to help you.  Please get in touch with me via my contact page.


            LEE TOMA

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