December 2002:

Hired on with Vision Sciences in Natick, designing sterile disposable sheaths for endoscopes.

Visited New York City, courtesy of Dr. and Mrs Weintraub.  Thanks, guys!

October 2002:

Ah, the joys of bringing an old midwestern car up to Massachusetts codes...  There goes $600.  Funny, that's just about the same as the Blue Book value of my car...  Oh, and the new drivers license and license plates cost six times as much as the old ones.  Ouch!  Welcome to Taxachusetts.

Walked across the new 'Big Dig' bridge after it was dedicated.

September 2002:

Looking for work and working on the house.  Fun!

August 2002:

Completed move back to Boston and traveled all over the place in the process...

July 2002:

Moved personal stuff back to Boston.  Where did I accumulate all this junk!?!?  Completed moving R&D to California for work.  Rewarded myself with TWO trips to Yosemite National Park.

June 2002:

Moved more personal stuff back to Boston.  Ugh.  I hate moving.

May 2002:

Checked out the Indianapolis 500 for the last time.  Big, loud and fast!  What a spectacle!

More work in California.  Another trip to Yosemite!  And a chance to see more of San Diego, too.

April 2002:

Visited the Racing Hall of Fame at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Figured I ought to see it at least once, since I lived just down the road from the place...

March 2002:

Visited Boston. 

February 2002:

Made the annual pilgrimage to the Chicago Auto Show with James & Mike.

January 2002:

Work in California.  Which facilitated a trip to Yosemite in the winter!  Such incredible splendor.  The place is magnificent.


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