December, 2005:

Not-so-deep thoughts...

"Lee Toma not flame resistant"

Does that mean me, or my lab coat? 'Cause I don't remember them testing me - but that might explain those weird scars...


August, 2005:

My sweet, sweet Maxima was totalled when a big ol' SUV pulled out right in front of me.  Oh, what a hassle.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt.


July 5, 2005 - 8-Bit show in Worcester

I used to work with Andy at Whirlpool in Indiana.  Good guy, but he got restless with the mind-numbing tedium of repair parts packaging, and he went off to LA to seek fame and fortune or somesuch...

Ten years later he has a totally whacked band of gangsta-rapping 'robots'.  One of their songs was the top iTunes song for a while - a variant of a Beck song, Hell Yes (Ghettocip Malfunction).

Anyway, they did a national tour (blog & photos) with The Mormons, and stopped in Worcester.  Pics of the ensuing wackiness follow:


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