July 2000 - Crater Lake:

In July of 2000, I had to take a business trip out to Redding, California to investigate failures of some of our oxygen systems.  The investigation was very short, but the point of the trip was more to reassure the customer.

On the plus side, much of northern California is amazingly beautiful.  I flew into Sacramento, and drove up to Redding.  One evening, I drove out to Lassen Volcanic National Park, where I got to see hot springs, beautiful scenery, deer and foxes.  After a brief second visit to the customer, I then headed north to beautiful Mt. Shasta, and then kept going towards Oregon and Crater Lake.

These sites represent the southern end of the volcanic Cascades mountain range - better known for Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Ranier.  And while most of you may not be geology geeks like me, you'll probably agree that these volcanic sites make for some spectacular scenery and some interesting history and folklore.

Hope you like the pics.
Sorry, some of these are from the early days of digital cameras - quality ain't so hot...


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