June 2001 Mono Lake:

In 2001 I had to go to Reno, Nevada for a conference on Pro/ENGINEER computer aided design software.  So, I tried to make the best of it, and I added extra time on both weekends for personal travel.  I got to see Reno, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Virginia City, Devil's Postpile, Yosemite National Park and Mono Lake.  That's a lotta stuff to fit into two weekends!  But somehow I managed it, and for the most part had a great time traveling.

I had read about Mono Lake many years ago in a National Geographic article.  It described how the lake was isolated in a desert valley, and how Los Angeles was taking the freshwater from the local streams and piping it away.  The result is that the lake is gradually drying up.

The unusual thing about Mono Lake is that it has hot springs that pump water in from the surrounding water table.  Some of this water dissolves the minerals, and deposits them when it enters the lake.  This creates chimneys of tufa, which have become exposed as the water level has dropped.  The landscape is eerie, spooky and alien-looking.  Seems almost like a Tim Burton fantasyland.

It is bizarre and fascinating to walk among these formations.  Now that they are exposed to the wind and rain (and tourists!), they are gradually eroding away.  I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to see them.  And now I am sharing some of my pictures of this surreal landscape.  Hope you enjoy.

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