First Night Boston 2007:

Okay, so it was a little antisocial of me to not go to any New Year's parties...

But, you know, I always just kinda feel lost at events like that - so I find it's more exciting and fun to take the bike into town and dodge taxicabs and drunken revelers.

I don't usually attend many of the First Night celebrations.  I'm not really into the performance art-type stuff that much, and a lot of events are oriented more towards little kids.  Maybe next year I'll take advantage of the First Night discounts for the museums.  If I'm not traveling, that is...

But what I do like about First Night are the ice sculptures and fireworks.  So, I took the road bike and went into town to see the sights.  The bike is probably the best way to get around Boston.  So I got to see both fireworks displays and all the sculptures (except for the one at Northeastern that I couldn't find).

I was a little disappointed by the ice sculptures this year.  Apparently the organizers wanted some insurance against the warm weather that ruined previous ice displays, so they arranged for some sculptures to be made of plastic boat wrapping instead.  And some of the ice sculptures were mounted on scaffolding instead of ice pedestals.

But they were still impressive and pretty.  I've put a selection of my pics online.  Hope you enjoy...


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First Night Boston


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