Once upon a time, Eli spent countless hours working in his tiny little apartment, working feverishly (really!) to bring you The Tick.

These days he spends all his time at the beach.  Just kidding!  He's much too pale to go out in the sun.  Instead he spends countless hours creating other maniacal creations in his twisted, perfectionist way.  So, he doesn't get out much...  And if you want to tell him how his art has changed your life (or how you can commission him to create artwork that could change your life), you'll have to email him.

So this is your big chance to speak your mind... You can send email to him directly at his NEW email address:

<Note: obsolete email address>


Or if you have comments about the website, you can contact me,
Lee Toma (contact_lee_05t at lee-toma dot net), Stone Virtual Archive Curator.

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