Together with good friend and Stone Archive Curator, Lee Toma, we've assembled a brief history of my 2-D art. I've been an artist all my life although I've never had any real training. My father, Rick Gerber, is an incredible wildlife artist specializing in rich, colorful landscapes peppered with fly fishermen. Myself, I dropped out of Mass College of Art after one year of cavorting and laziness and got a job at a Copy Cop print shop in Boston where I first met Lee. I got more artwork done in that store than I ever did in school which just goes to show that art school is a big waste of money.

- Eli

The Deep Dark Past

The Lighthearted, Goofy Present (The Tick)

The Dank and Musty Future...

New Stuff!

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Last updated July 24, 2006.
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