You think this is fun? It's not easy being in the comic book business, yaknow. Slaving over hot nineteen year old bellies all day leaves me winded and listless. Actually, this is my finest hour captured on film at the San Diego International Comic Con. When I was finally able to battle my way through the Klingons I ended up meeting a bunch of interesting people. I was surrounded by great artists and writers and, as if that wasn't enough, I met the Twin Peaks dream sequence dwarf guy! He was really cool and I wish I could read his autograph so I could tell you his name. Hey, dream dwarf guy! If you see this web site tell me your name! I also ripped the seat of my pants in front of Ricky Rocket from Poison who is now doing his own comic (again, I'm sorry I forgot the title, Ricky) and he is also a very nice guy. I danced with an adorable lesbian and got on swimmingly with some really nice con-goers. An amaze-a-crazy time all around.

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