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The Tick was created by Ben Edlund, and first published by New England Comics in 1988. Irreverent and funny in a world of macho action-adventure characters, the Tick and his cautious sidekick Arthur were a refreshing change of pace.

After developing a small but loyal fan base, The Tick moved to TV, where he became a bigger star than Gary Coleman (at least in height). As youngsters across America ran around schoolyards shouting "SPOON!," and college kids began getting up early on Saturday mornings just to watch cartoons, it became apparent that the Tick would soon eclipse even Newt Gingrich in popularity (if not girth).

But with so much attention focused on television, the Tick comic books (the Karma Tornado series) seemed just a weak afterthought to the Mass Media audience that The Tick and his new foes greeted on TV each weekend.  Unfortunately, FOX decided that The Tick was not attracting the right viewers (you're just not right, are you?) and they canceled the show. There have been rumors of a potential Tick animated movie... but if you need your "fix" of The Tick, for now you'll have to check out your local comic shop.  For a couple of years, Eli brought a touch of his own style of madness to The Tick: Big Blue Destiny and The Tick: Luny Bin.  But now that Eli has moved on to new pursuits, you can check out new Tick adventures in Heroes of The City and The Tick and Arthur, brought to you by other talented artists.

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Not The Tick, but well worth checking out!

John Mueller's Oink! Delightfully twisted artwork reminiscent of Simon Bisley's work. Must see!

Disclaimer: The Tick is property of New England Comics, and any images included in this fan site are used (without permission) only to promote the comic books, TV show, or Eli's work.

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